European partner SOGAMBO visited TOPQ
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European partner SOGAMBO visited TOPQ

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European partner SOGAMBO visited TOPQ

European partner SOGAMBO visited TOPQ

On March 27th, 2023, Wolfgang, our European partner, arrived at our factory for a five-day visit. Our chairman Chen Cunzhong, general manager Su Jianmin, deputy general manager Zhang Xueyuan and sales manager Qiu Shuwei expressed their warm welcome to his visit.

During this visit, Wolfgang brought two big manuals with suggestions for kamado optimization. He hopes that during the five-day visit, he can cooperate with TOPQ to optimize the structure of the oven and improve the experience of using the oven to the greatest extent.

During the visit, Wolfgang visited the factory together with his exclusive salesman Seve Xu, purchasing manager Xu Yanzhong, and production manager Zhu Wenjun, and continuously discussed and practiced on the parts of the ovens that need to be optimized. At the same time, Wolfgang was quite knowledgeable about the packaging and modification of accessories. He showed the rest of the entourage how to better improve the installation of pizza oven paddle in order to enhance the experience and save transportation costs.

In the afternoon of 30th, Wolfgang had a discussion with TOPQ staff in conference room. During the meeting, Wolfgang communicated with TOPQ staff about his oven optimization, customer feedback, and TOPQ's sales improvement. He hoped that in the future, TOPQ will continue to improve the experience of using the ovens and develop better and better.

The visit tour is coming to an end, Wolfgang's approachable, warm and professional has left a deep impression on TOPQ. During the visit, Wolfgang carefully wrote down the name of each person accompanying him, and the first quarter staff birthday party held by TOPQ was also a great surprise to him. At the same time, he also hopes that the next time he comes to TOPQ, he can be closer to TOPQ, live with TOPQ staff, discuss the idea of baking ovens together, and share the customs and culture from their respective countries.

At noon on the 31st, Wolfgang finished his visit to TOPQ, and said goodbye to TOPQ. General manager Su Jianmin said, "Wolfgang is an excellent expert that we can hardly get even if we spend a lot of money." In addition, Wolfgang and TOPQ are looking forward to the next visit of TOPQ to Europe, maybe we will meet again.

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