Two Brothers' One-month Study at TOPQ
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Two Brothers' One-month Study at TOPQ

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Two Brothers' One-month Study at TOPQ

Two Brothers' One-month Study at TOPQ

On September 29th, 2023, our European partners Fabio and Tamino arrived in China to start their one-month study tour in TOPQ. Time from Oct 1st to Oct 29th, Mr Fabio and Mr Tamino will produce their own unique ceramic grills in person. Mr Bryant, the manager of the business department, and Mr Seve, the salesman, were in charge of this reception.

Whole TOPQ team warmly welcomed Fabio and Tamino's arrival. After a simple rest and adjustment, October 3rd, the two brothers began to familiarize themselves with the salesman Seve and the relevant departments in charge of the factory to learn every process of the production of the ceramic grills.

From the manufacturing of the mold to the completion of the package, a kamado grills has to go through 13 processes, and Fabio and Tamino firstly started to learn how to trim the ceramic body of the ceramic grills with the masters of the trimming process. Trimming may seem simple, but it is a task that requires patience and care. You need to control the machine to shape and take out the ceramic lid, dome, fire ring and fire box from the mold. At the same time, you need to skillfully use all kinds of trimming tools to trim these ceramic parts, which can be damaged if you are not careful enough. After a few days of learning, Fabio and Tamino's grill has taken shape and they have taken the first step in the process of making their own grill.

While waiting for the ceramic bbq grills to finish first firing, Fabio and Tamino visited the metal material production workshop to see how the iron powder bands and hinge system come out. And they went to install department to learn how to punch holes in the side shelves and how to install the metal part to handle. During the weekend break, Fabio and Tamino had a barbecue with everyone in the factory, and accompanied by salesmen Seve and Shea, they visited THREE LANES AND SEVEN ALLEYS and SHANG XIA HANG, two traditional cultural districts in Fuzhou, where they experienced the local customs of China.

As Fabio and Tamino firmly believe, "A good salesman will definitely know his product completely." During their month in China, Fabio and Tamino studied and practiced every step of the ceramic grills process, learning firsthand about how ceramic grills are made. This increased their understanding of the kamado grills and also gave them more food for thought for their sales.

After the ceramic grills experienced the glazed firing, it was time for the assembly process, and brothers Fabio and Tamino got to assemble the components onto their ceramic grills. After that, Fabio invited everyone in the factory to write their names or signs on their ceramic grills as a souvenir. In the end, Fabio and Tamino completed 18 and 21 inch bbq grills of their own.

On October 29th, Fabio and Tamino returned to their home country after a month-long study trip, and salesman Seve sent off the brothers on behalf of the company. 

And their study tour was over. Look forward to their next visit.

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