TOPQ constantly improve the various employee benefits
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TOPQ constantly improve the various employee benefits

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TOPQ constantly improve the various employee benefits

TOPQ constantly improve the various employee benefits

In recent years, with the continuous development and growth of TOPQ, the company is also constantly improving the various benefits for employees.

At the beginning of 2023, TOPQ decided to add a birthday party for employees. Birthday party time for a quarter held once, the Administration Department will provide birthday gifts for the quarter's birthday employees, and in the conference room for their unified organization of birthday celebration activities. At the beginning of the birthday celebration, the administration department prepared all kinds of sumptuous food for everyone on the conference table, and everyone talked and laughed and tasted the food together to celebrate their birthdays. After that, the administration department also distributed cakes and birthday gifts for everyone and took group photos. In a joyful atmosphere, the birthday party came to an end. 



Mr Wolfgang, the honoured European partner of TOPQ and his birthday is in January, came to visit us in March, 2023. He was also invited to the TOPQ first quarter birthday party for celebrating his birthday with TOPQ's staff together, 


At the same time, the company for different traditional festivals, also for the staff to prepare a variety of celebration activities. For the Mid-Autumn Festival, the company organizes Bobing for everyone, and for the Lantern Festival, the company provides sweet dumplings and dishes for everyone. In the annual meeting, the company will also provide various New Year's gift packages and delicious dishes to wish everyone a good year.


In recent years, the labor union of Minqing County has been continuously protecting and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees. TOPQ positive response to the Minqing County Labor Union put forward the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and this year established the staff activity room. Employee activity room inside the fitness equipment, books, and other entertainment facilities are available. In their spare time, employees can relax in the activity room, reduce pressure, activities.


On products, TOPQ constantly innovate, launched a new size, new patterns, new accessories of the oven products, while combining the various suggestions made by visiting partners to optimize the product deficiencies. Employee benefits, TOPQ also actively improve and supplement, try our best to create better working conditions for employees. We are also looking forward to a better future for TOPQ.

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