European partners lead the team to visit TOPQ
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European partners lead the team to visit TOPQ

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European partners lead the team to visit TOPQ

European partner visited our company with his team

On March 12-13, 2023, Tomas, a European partner, visited our company with his team. Our chairman Chen Cunzhong, general manager Su Jianmin, deputy general manager Zhang Xueyuan and sales manager Bryant Qiu accompanied the visit.

Tomas team arrived at our factory in the afternoon of March 12 and was warmly welcomed by all departments of our company. After the welcome ceremony, the Tomas team and the factory departments prepared the ingredients for barbecue together. In order to let the staffs of TOPQ feel the original flavor of barbecue, the Tomas team came from afar and brought the local spices with great characteristics. During the grilling process, Tomas team shared with TOPQ staff the skills of marinating ingredients, the time and temperature required for cooking different ingredients, and shared anecdotes about their country. There was a lot of fun in the room. The delicious steaks were freshly cooked in the sauce and the aroma was overwhelming. With music and beer, the first meeting between Tomas team and TOPQ staff ended at sunset.

In the morning of 13th, accompanied by General Manager Su Jianmin, Vice President Zhang Xueyuan and Sales Manager Bryant Qiu, Tomas team visited TOPQ factory together.Tomas team members not only have rich experience in grill retailing, but also love grilling, hope to let more people appreciate the charm of grilling, and have excellent requirements for grill. The two sides had a continuous exchange on the custom samples of grills provided by TOPQ, and were committed to creating a more perfect and more humane grill.

In addition, Tomas team also visited TOPQ's new factory. Tomas team expressed their admiration for the new factory and sincerely hoped that TOPQ would be better and better. In the afternoon of the 13th, Tomas team finished the trip in TOPQ, both teams said goodbye and looked forward to the next meeting.

So, see you next time, dear friends!

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