TOPQ participated in the 133rd China Import and Export Fair
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TOPQ participated in the 133rd China Import and Export Fair

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TOPQ participated in the 133rd China Import and Export Fair

TOPQ participated in the 133rd China Import and Export Fair

From April 21 to April 28, a total of 7 salesmen from our business department went to Guangzhou to participate in the 133rd China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Canton Fair"). The business manager Qiu Shuwei led the delegation and the general manager Su Jianmin participated in this trip.

The second phase of the 133rd Canton Fair was held from April 23rd to April 27th, totaling 5 days. In this fair, we brought 10 sets of ovens and 50 pieces of accessories. Among them, about 10 pieces of new products.

The second phase of Canton Fair was officially opened on April 23rd. On the first day of the fair, many new faces were welcomed, and many old faces were seen at the same time. The new guests who visited the booth were handed catalogs by the salesmen, who introduced in detail the patterns, prices, materials, etc. of the kamados and invited them to visit the factory. Older guests made the atmosphere of the booth come alive. Customers with many years of cooperation are both partners and old friends who have not seen each other for a long time. We exchanged pleasantries around the kamado and learned more about the new products, laying the foundation for further cooperation. In the following days, they visited our booth and discussed about product details, market demand and personalization of products, etc. Our salesmen received them warmly.

The 133rd Canton Fair fully resumed offline exhibition, which is the largest Canton Fair, with record high exhibition area and number of exhibitors. By the closing of the exhibition hall on April 26, the total number of visitors to the exhibition hall was 815,000, and the export turnover exceeded USD 4.5 billion. This is also our first time to exhibit at Canton Fair after three years of epidemic.

In this exhibition, in addition to the guests invited to visit our booth, our company also made many new acquaintances who are interested in grill and have passion for barbecue. In general, the number of booth visitors was directly proportional to the number of people entering the Canton Fair on that day. The number of booth visitors showed a growing trend in the first three days and reached the peak on April 25, and the number of booth visitors also showed a decreasing trend from April 26 to 27 because the number of visitors in the pavilion decreased.

Exhibiting in Canton Fair brings new opportunities and new impetus to the development of TOPQ. After the exhibition, the salesmen started to make contacts one after another, looking forward to the subsequent new cooperation with the guests.

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